About Us

Come in if you want to relax or just grab a drink to go!

We’re a group of local young adults who had a big dream. We're proud to announce we did it! Welcome to our Boba shop, which we hope will soon become your favourite.

We have worked relentlessly, and we’re not planning to stop! We care about nothing else than to keep this shop thriving so we can deliver you the best Boba experience you can possibly imagine!

We care deeply about every single detail of this place, from the early design stages we wanted to make sure that the inside (as well as the outside) is as calming and inviting as possible. We made sure our teas look just as good as they taste. Speaking of taste, through a long process of trial and error we figured out the best recipes and the best combinations to present to you, and we’re very proud of the results.

Our boba is not just good, it's suitable for all!

We have a wide variety of teas, and we're more than happy to help you find the one you'll like the most. Don’t be afraid to come in and try something new! We guarantee you’ll find a drink you just can't resist!

We worked hard to make sure we serve the most delicious flavor combinations while also considering the variety of needs of our customers and the environment.

Can’t have milk? Come try our plant based options. Prefer your boba with a little less sugar? Adjust the sweetness of your order, or ask for a sugar substitute instead. Unsure of the origin of our ingredients? There’s no need to worry, as we source most of our ingredients from local producers. Materials that can’t be found organically in our country are imported from our trustworthy foreign partners. And our cups and straws are made from 100% recycled materials!

We work in partnership with the World Wildlife Found.

Want to know why we have a panda on our recyclable cups? We are very conscious about or environment and of course, we love animals! This is why 25% of our proceeds go directly to the WWF, to support the preservation of endangered species, like our mascot, the axolotl. Help us save animals!


Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
Best boba tea in Budapest! So unique and delicious, plus they have vegan options. Everyone is so nice, I will definetly be coming back! 🙂
Ariana Venti
Such calming athmosphere, perfect for a study session. Excellent customer service, the cashier was so kind , she even helped me choose what to order.
Harold Styles
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