Foxy was found in July 2015 in an enclosed area, trying to find a way out of that trap she somehow gotten into. A few weeks later she gave birth to 7 adorable puppies, and all of them was adopted very soon after they were ready to.

When I first met Foxy, I saw a very independent, strong-minded little something with no interest to interact with human whatsoever. Only when food was available, she came forward to get her share. She spent quite some times in several different foster families where she managed to get along with all kinds of situations very well. Once in a while she managed to visit Luxe, her teenage-human friend, on her own when it got too boring at the clinic. Luckily that family lives right around the corner of the street! She was cuddly with humans she trusted, but still snappy with the ones she has not been 100% sure with. The problem was she would first let everybody touched her, and then suddenly she would screamed and got furious, pretending to bite the person. She learned very quickly that with this kind of behavior others would back off and she could decide on her own. She got too much self-confident and started to bully other weaker dogs as well.

We started to keep her on a longer leash and had to correct her firmly, whenever she started to intimidate other dogs. On the other hand there had to be a condition to be accomplished, whenever she wanted something to be done by humans. She was a fast learner and got less mad.

In March 2016, my daughters came for holiday and both got along with her right away. My younger one, Zianka, can be as stubborn as Foxy and got a lot of patience to give her time to make the right choice, which could then be rewarded. She was allowed to pick her up, which nobody else would had been keen to try. That was the moment when Zianka made the decision that this dog should be part of her family (which includes a boyfriend, two mices and two hedgehogs).

Back in Germany she discussed it with Simon, her boyfriend, and both got thorough all details and preparations which should be done before getting a dog. A lot of people asked me, why she did not just get a dog in Germany? Would have saved approximately 600€. But she did not want to have just A dog, she wanted to get THIS dog. This living being is supposed to live with you the next 10 years at least, so it is a long term investment and I, as a dog trainer, have not often seen such a good match. Otherwise I would have tried to intervene. So after our own holiday I took Foxy home and was astonished by how polite and soft that little girl got! She was keen to learn and got along with all our house rules, without questioning them.

Finally in September 2016 my daughter arrived to meet HER dog again. She approached Foxy slowly, even though she would have liked to cuddle her right away. She was smart enough to read in her eyes and give her time to warm up again. That took around 2 hours!!

After the jetlag had been overcome, the intense training started and after a really short period, Foxy would listen very well to the dog whistle and learned some dog tricks. The bond became stronger every day, trust had been gained.

After a small farewell party, the big day to start in a new life without a million of reckless motorbikes or dog catchers came. At the airport she just went into her cage, like she did the nights before. Amazing!

Nearly 18 hours later they arrived in Berlin, then had a sleepover at her sister´s place, where Foxy was the first one to wake her up with no grumpy face. Now they are living in Rostock, the north-east of Germany. They are discovering how wonderful nature can be, with a park just around the corner and a forest for long walks nearby. She met new friends already and is enjoying a cozy basket with a warm blanket to have sweet dog-dreams.

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