The origins of Chimney Cake

A Hungarian Staple

The Oldest Hungarian Pastry and a Modern Twist

The Kürtöskalács, or chimney cake, is a traditional Hungarian spit cake originated in Transylvania, the oldest records of it dating back to 1679. Created by the Székely community, it soon became a staple of Hungarian and Romaninan baked products.

The first recipe, however, is a bit more recent, appearing first in a manuscript cookbook in 1781. Made from sweet yeast dough that is wrapped around a wooden spool and slowly turned over an open fire, it is then rolled on graulated sugar, resulting in a crunchy outside crust, and a soft moist interior. 

The most popular variations nowadays include vanilla flavour, or cinamon or cocoa powder, as well as additional fillings such as ice cream, fruits, or whipped cream.

In an attempt to reverb this hungarian classic, Hoppacska (“Whoopsie”) is continuously experimenting with new flavours, spices and fillings, transforming this classic pastry in a modern snack for every occasion.

Our specials are updated on weekly basis, with a variety of salty and sweet options to satisfy your cravings on weekdays as well as festivities.

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