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VIP Camping

If you don’t want to walk too far from the entrance with your luggage, the west side located VIP Camping is definitely the place for you. No need to worry about the blazing sun in the morning, as this camping is full of trees.

Ready, Set,

Don’t bother bringing and building a tent! Why bring an extra baggage with you, if you can arrive straight to your tent, already built for you? Choose this option, so you don’t have to hassle with all the pitching!

Bring Your Own Tent!

Camp for FREE! With your 4 Day Pass you can camp at InProgress Festival at the designated basic camping zones, almost anywhere, except program venues and closed upgrade campings.

Travel to Inprogress

By Car

Come by car and park it in our guarded parking lot

By Train

Come by train and save the planet

By Bus

Come by the official InProgress Buses from Budapest to Balaton

By Plane

Come by plane to Budapest and than board an InProgress Bus

Food and Beverages

Explore our food and beverage offer


Our most important rule inside the territory of the festival is to accept each other. Let everyone party the way they feel good and most importantly enjoy the festival yourself as well.



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