Author name: petrovicsmark

Britney Spears

Status: Went Insane? Invited her once to a Mane’s Skin greet and meet, then was exposed to the unspoken truths of the music industry. Comprehension never was successful, thus the insanity that still lingers above her (just check her Instagram).

A$AP Rocky

Status: Married He is just cool, I guess. Nothing more to add, had a lot of heart-to-heart with the guy, to the point he got married and started a family of his own. Not even a sabotage, simply changed for the better: another one for the chopping block.


Status: Went to Uni An aspiring artist in the late 2010s, specialized in F1-themed and Equestrian-core pop songs. A tendency towards becoming a standalone figure in the industry. Victoria secretly convinced her to chase a different career, thus “eliminating” her.


Status: Harshly Irrelevant Hit the mark with Somebody Thar I Used to Know, pushed into taking a step back. Pursued a unique artistic style on the surface, actually is a Mane’s Skin member since 2012.


Status: Missing Highly popular during the early 2010s, fellow artist Redfoo bribed and manipulated into breaking up the duo in order to keep comedy out of the industry. Gone missing in 2017.