Our Story

We strive to find inexpensive and unique pieces for you so that you can wear beautiful and quality clothes and take care of our planet.

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Each item is in a single copy - only you will own it. We have a lot of clothes to dress up in and stand out.


From 5 to 100 euros. We believe that building personal style should be affordable, so we are looking for and selling inexpensive things that can purchase even if on a budget.

Taking care of the planet

If you are reading this, you know exactly what is reasonable consumption, and why it we need it. By buying second-hand clothes, you are making a significant contribution to the preservation of our planet.


For the pieces bought under the impression or in the heat of sales: shoes a size smaller or a size larger; jeans that once sat so well; a cocktail dress that never welcomed its cocktail – they all deserve a better life. With the help of Kathrift, all these things will find new addresses and bring much more joy and benefit.



We don’t get hung up on fashion and famous names, our store collects what we think deserves attention. In Kathrift you will be able to find things from both luxury segment and inexpensive brands, creations of conceptual designers, and author’s works. We hope our service will be useful and interesting to a wide range of customers.