What even is boba?

Have you been seeing the mystical boba drinks all over, wanted to try, but upon looking at the menu realized it’s just way too confusing to choose and make your own drink? We present to you a full overview of what is boba (or bubble tea), how it’s made, and why you would enjoy it!

The tea originates from Taiwan, but there are more variations of how it was created. The most popular  story is, that Tu Tsong-he, an owner of a teahouse was inspired by the white tapioca pearls he saw on the market one day, and used them in his teas. Later, the white pearls were switched with the black ones you see today, but in many places in Taiwan, you can get both varsions. Boba tea became popular in most of Asia and the USA during the 1990s, and soon in conquered the whole world!

First, let’s cover what boba even is! We commonly call boba tea (or just boba), bubble tea, tapioca tea, pearl tea, and many other names from around the world, is not a one singular drink, but rather an umbrella term for drinks that include tapioca or fruit pearls, mixed with tea (or sometimes juice) base, usually with milk added. However, there are infinite varieties of this drink, and it’s always possible to combine the ingredients to make your own! Take a look at our colorful and delicious menu for some examples!

What are tapioca pearls? The classic, chewy and sweet bubbles of the bubble tea, are brown sugar infused, and are made from tapioca starch, that comes from cassava root. Boiling water is added to the starch (and sugar or the flavor of choice) to make the dough, which is then kneaded, cut, and rolled into pearl shapes. Later it is cooked in brown sugar syrup to achive the product we first the think of when we hear boba tea. The already made product is stored for short periods of time, usually up to 4 hours, and served right away. However, the tapioca pearls can be flavored with anything, and fruits, syrups, are often used to create variation.

The second most popular bubble tea topping is the popping boba, which is made out of fruit base, seaweed extract, and calcium compounds. The popping pearls have hard skin and soft inside, hence they pop when bitten, which is where they get their name from. They are sweet and fruity, and a true experience to drink!

The third most popular topping for boba tea is jelly, which is cut into small square shapes and is made out of fruit juice and are thickened with either Konjar, which is a vegan alternative to gelatin, or coconut meat. Jelly is chewy and sweet, reminding of the jello dessert from our childhoods.

How is boba made at our store?

Are you curious to how exactly your drink is made at our store? Have you been trying to sneak a look over the counter to figure it out but didn’t really see anything? Did you catch yourself wanting some boba at home but didn’t want to go outside to get some from our stores? Don’t worry, we are more than glad to share the process! You are always welcome to ask our employees about anything, and here is a brief description of the boba making!

Step 2

The bubble tea usually starts with the main toppings: we add tapioca pearls, popping boba, jelly, or whatever the recipe calls for or you as the customer want. Syrups are also added at this stage.

Step 4

The drink is then sealed and mixed by a special machine, and we make to hand it over to you with a straw and a smile!

The last step is for you to enjoy your drink! You are always encouraged to share your thoughts on how it was directly to us in the store, in our reviews, one on our social media!

Step 1

Before anything, all the components are prepared: we brew our teas, make the toppings, prepare the cups and machines. All of our bubble tea ingredients are made in store by us, from high quality ingredients sourced responsibily.

Step 3

Next we add the tea and milk, just tea or just milk, juice. Any additional toppings go in now too, such as cheese foam, that is somewhat similar to the traditional milk foam you see on coffee, and therefore has to go on top of the drink.

How can you easily experience our boba tea at home?

If reading this got you craving some boba, but you just really don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home, and even the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of our shop isn’t enough to convince you, worry not! We are more than happy to provide you with delivery to anywhere options, with which you have the power to enjoy our delicious bubble tea whenever you want, be it in your bed under a cozy blanket or on top of the panoramic bridge out in the city!

And if you live way too far away from of our branches (which you can see here), or simply want to impress your friends and family with homemade bubble tea, we offer our own crafter recipes and ingredients in our webshop, as well as the easy to make boba kits, with the help of which you can have your drink ready in under 3 minutes! You just have to pour, mix, microwave, ice, and enjoy! All the instructions are provided in detail with your purchase!

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